Dialogue: 'No good will come of this.' Caption: Next - No good comes of this.Usually Beings are guided by the convictions of their Masters. But once in a while, they know for an absolute fact that their Master is wrong.

Lily knew this wasn’t going to make anyone immortal.

Patrick…knows something about death that none of his humans seem to find convincing.

Patrick: Humans! You always get so worked up about death.

Timothy: Oh, don’t worry, Lily got worked up about it too. If you’d seen her . . .

Timothy (past): Sister Lily! Can you really do this? If you’re not sure, tell him!

Emir: It’s all right.

My brother sometimes struggles with his faith. I’ll go first. That way he’ll see that there is nothing to fear.

Timothy: Emir, you can’t–

Emir: But I have to. Am I not my brother’s keeper?

Alvah: Let us pray.

Timothy (voiceover): For a moment, I almost believed. Because Lily did . . . something.