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Shine stripLast Shine reference for a while, I promise:

Timothy and Reseda weren’t associated with each other in their previous incarnations, but they managed to buddy up in their final present-day appearance. The day after that strip ran, this page dropped.

(At this point I honestly don’t remember if there was some long-term next-level planning to make it come out that way, or if it was just a really great coincidence.)

Patrick: . . . Patrick. I’m called Patrick. These two are my Master and my . . . Sparrow.

Sparrow: What d’you mean, “my Sparrow”?

Reseda: Nice to meet you! I’m called Reseda. If you feel the need to worship me, it’s understandable. Don’t hold back.

Timothy: Hi, Reseda. I was just telling these visitors how we met.

Bianca: So you two are friends? I guess you must have a lot to catch up on!

Reseda: Sure do. Patrick, wanna duel?

Patrick: Yes!!

Bianca: What do you mean, “duel”?