Envelope stuffing pilesNo April Fool’s day page this year, just a bunch of thoughts about envelope-stuffing.

The first time I did it was as a volunteer, for some kind of school function…I think it was high school, that long ago…and we were racing against the clock because it was a few days before postage rates were due to go up. Overshooting by one day would’ve cost thousands of dollars.

But normally you don’t even get that much drama to break up the busywork. And unfortunately for these two, podcasts haven’t really taken off much by 2010.

Greg is here because he’s an economics wonk; Sparrow just wants to support justice in general, and trusts other people to dig into the financial details.

The intern assembly line:

(That’s where interns assemble things, not where interns are assembled.)

Greg: So when the capital gains tax was blah blah blah and private annuity trust blah blah blah 1031 loophole is . . . the preferential rate of blah blah blah as in paragraph 1(h) blah blah blah . . . not sure I accept Friedman’s analysis of blah blah blah as compared to Keynes, but he was very incisive on the subject of blah blah blah . . .

Sparrow: Bleah. Dinner tonight is going to taste like adhesive, I can tell.

Greg: Do you want to switch places? You can have a break from licking, and I can have a break from talking . . .

Sparrow: Do I ever!

So the whole characterization of movie!Faramir was blah blah blah . . . and the changes in Éowyn are easier to overlook, but pretty major when you take into account blah blah blah . . . rings true as an analogue for Tolkien’s wartime experience of blah blah blah . . .

Greg: So, um . . . how did you get into politics? And did it have anything to do with The West Wing?

Sparrow: Only a little. I think it was mostly Mom drilling into my head how unfair it is not to be legally treated like a human being. Or a non-human Being, for that matter.