Obama and Romney in rolled-up sleevesGotta roll up your sleeves when you’re a politician, it makes you look Rugged and Down-To-Earth. (Unless you’re a woman, in which case anything you wear is wrong somehow.)

And hey, this was the reveal of Bennett’s Colorful Hair of Plot Significance.

Greg, meanwhile, is about to drop out of the plot completely, never to be seen again except in a one-page cameo in chapter 16.

Sparrow: I mean, did you hear Bennett’s speech on Monday?

Talking about how America needs to be “protected” from rogue Beings, and eeeevil immigrants, and “alternative lifestyles.” Delivered standing on a farm, with his sleeves rolled up, like that’s fooling anyone.

. . . uh, no offense.

Greg: None taken . . . but you mean Beings like the shapeshifters, right? I don’t put them in the same category as oppressed humans.

Sparrow: They’re clearly more self-aware than animals–

Greg: That’s different too. Animals are alive.

Sparrow: And Beings aren’t?

Greg (off-panel): Well, no, I would say not.

To be alive, you’ve got to be able to die, right? And Beings don’t die.

Sparrow: Hah! One of them did die! It was killed in the Holocaust!

Greg: Hey! Don’t Godwin me! (See, you’re not the only one who can make geek references.)