Bookshelf with cats…oh heck, there’s a big bookshelf next to Sparrow’s chair. When we get to future apartment scenes, I completely forgot that existed.

This is why you make master layout references for any place you’re going to draw a lot.

“But Erin, didn’t you just say this place was based on the place you actually lived?” Yes, in general — but not exactly. I felt like it wasn’t creative enough to just copy it without changing stuff around a bit. (In retrospect…why did I make it harder for myself? Who was going to know?)

Sparrow: And then he said “How exactly do you define life?” There’s not even a scientific consensus for that!

Patrick: More macaroni, Sparrow?

Sparrow: Yes, please! Anyway, I wanted to look online for research then and there, but we had another hundred envelopes to stuff.

Bianca: It wouldn’t help much. I checked earlier. There’s barely anything to see.

The only research in the US is funded by two companies: Walker International and Cohen Broadcasting. Or rather, by their CEOs.

I’m not even sure if it’s “research” so much as “eccentric rich folks who poke Beings in their free time.”

Sparrow: Hey, Patrick, have either of those ever experimented on–?

Patrick: I don’t want to talk about it and you can’t make me.

Bianca: . . . We won’t be looking into either of them, then. Patrick, put the macaroni down for a while and come over here, okay? You’re not just here to cook for us, I promise.