World Cup 2010 stripThe plaque on the door reveals our new guy’s full name as Timothy Mattei.

His original incarnation was Timothy Maccabee, the surname chosen very late, because there’s a character with that name in Hellsing’s flash-forward final chapter. I decided, hey, it’s my fancomic, that’s gonna be Actually My OC All Along.

Also, he was established as Turkish, because the Middle East hadn’t been repped in the comic yet. Didn’t have any special significance in-universe, I just brought it up when there was a country-based joke to be done.

Like so many imported characters, Timothy’s name got tweaked for BICP. I went looking for cool people of Turkish descent to name him after, and picked Dr. Janet Akyüz Mattei, award-winning astronomer. (Her other namesake is an asteroid!)

…only to realize much, much later that the name “Mattei” came from her Italian husband, not her Turkish heritage. Whoops.

In a lucky twist, though, an Italian last name is the second-most-logical one for Timothy to have! Gonna save the details for a future annotation.

Patrick: That ‘s her! That ‘s the–


Sparrow: Sorry!

Bianca: Our friend has trouble with pronouns–

Sparrow: –not from around here–

Bianca: –English is his second language–

Sparrow: –no offense!

Woman: Aren’t you lucky to have two pretty girls looking out for you? Welcome to America!

I’ll see you at morning Mass.

Timothy: Y-yes. See you then.

Inside, all of you. Right now.

How did you find me? Is there anyone else who knows? And what will it take to make you go away?