Craigslist boardHey look, it turns out they use Craigslist after all.

(Teeny tiny Poe outside the window, taking notes.)

In the Boston area, it was really easy to give things away via the Free Stuff board, and it’s been a lot harder since I moved away. Maybe it’s just that Boston is such a college town, other cities don’t have a mass of broke students trawling Craigslist for deals?

Reseda: Nice? . . . Eh. But you do smell . . . Familiar.

Bianca: Could Sparrow have made a contract with some other Being without knowing it?

Patrick: No. It requires an act of volition.

Bianca (offscreen): Then . . . is there something else about her? And could it be the reason behind the attack at the club?

Timothy: What? No, I’m pretty sure that was about us.

Bianca: How did they know where to go?

Timothy: It’s in our Craigslist ad.

Bianca: Of course.

Sparrow: Well, great, there we have it! That’s what we came here to find out, right? It explains everything. The deal with me joining your hallucinations could all just be a total coincidence! Guess we can go home now, huh?

Bianca: I guess so. Thank you for talking with us, C–Timothy. It’s given me a lot to think about.

Timothy: If you need someone to talk to, you’re welcome to visit again. But call ahead next time, all right? . . . And, please, take some of these berries before you go.