Painting: Jan Brueghel, Garden of Eden with Fall of ManIntroducing the “unnamed creatures of Eden” theory of Beings.

The Narnia books were the inspiration for the “sons of Adam and daughters of Eve” nomenclature, although Timothy pointedly uses the gender-neutral “children.”

Still not the right theory, but this is probably my favorite so far. If anyone else wants to write a series that follows Eden’s lost leftovers, I’d read it.

Bianca: Hey, Timothy . . .About that “Fallen Being” idea. These days, do you think there could have been any truth to it?

Timothy: If you really want to know . . .

In the beginning, the Lord created the beasts of the field and the birds of the air, and gave humans mastery over all of them. And the Lord brought every living creature to the first human to be given a name. But somehow, a few of them were overlooked — by God or by Adam, I couldn’t say. They’ve been wandering the Earth ever since, seeking children of Adam to master and name them, hoping it will fulfill the contract and allow them to earn true, stable forms in return. The gardens we see during their battles are the last glimpse this world has of Eden.

Or at least, that’s my guess. I remind myself every day never to pretend to anyone that I know for sure.