Cylon BSG promotional artAnd here we have the Cylon Theory of Beings!

…Which just might be closer than anything else we’ve heard so far. They are Artificial Beings. And they’re  programmed with “do not harm any humans”…well, most of them are.

Sparrow: Well, you have the Cylons — which are robots, so they don’t have biological needs. Some of them look like robots, but others are physically almost identical to humans.

And they can “project” their own visual scenes over the environment around them. Sound familiar?

So Patrick could be a robot. Like a Cylon, but with something like Asimov’s Laws of Robotics mixed in.

Bianca: Yu were pretty adamant that he was “alive” the other day.

Sparrow: If he’s an advanced enough A.I., who’s to say he doesn’t count as a form of life? An Artificial Being, but not any less respectable.

Hey, Patrick! C’mere and let us stick a USB cable in your arm!

Bianca: We are not testing Patrick’s biology by sticking wires in him!!