External hard drivePatrick’s making that berry pie.

The “Beings have a limited memory storage capacity” detail is another one of those things I did for Narrative Convenience, and then built other plot points around. It would be pretty hard to maintain any mystery around Beings if they all remembered clear back to their own creation, and could just tell us.

Bianca: Sparrow, I get that you’re just joking, but if he takes it seriously–

Patrick: It’s been tried!

Nothing interesting happened. Do you want to know how it felt to have up to 50,000 volts going through me? Because I can tell you that too.

Sparrow: . . . How did it feel?

Patrick: Tingly.

I can’t tell you how I was born, or created, or whatever. I don’t remember. Our memories don’t last that long.

The one now called Reseda would remember what she did when she was called Lily, but by now the emotions have probably faded. After a few more Masters, the whole thing will be like something she read in a book once.

If it was a language she could read, at least.