Boston street with lightsWhy yes, that was so hard, Bianca…

And with that, smash-cut back to downtown Boston.

One of the joys of these early chapters was, I never lacked for What Scene To Draw Next. There was so much to set up, it was easy to jump between “which of the other pieces of groundwork being laid right now do I feel like checking in on?”

Patrick (thinking): Am I supposed to go? Sparrow said to agree unless there was a reason not to, and my Master didn’t contradict that. But it will cost her more money. Is that a reason? Unless she would rather pay than leave me in the apartment alone for three days. What if I promised to be good? I could be good! But there’s not a lot I can do here with her gone. Maybe she’d rather have me at her side to serve her. What does she want me to say? Why don’t I know? Will she hate me if I get it wrong?

Patrick: . . . Okay?

Bianca (off-panel): Great! See, was that so hard?

Bianca: I’ll add you to our party, then get off the couch and let you rest. We only have a couple of months to get ready, so if you want a costume, let me know soon!