Plot diagramAaaaand this is why you don’t call humans “it.”

Originally I was going to have this scene happen later, spacing out the Timothy-and-Reseda development. Then I figured, well, it’s very clear in my mind right now, and what if I forget later? Or what if I never find a good time to work it in? May as well take the plunge now.

Reseda: We’re not usually out this late.

Camellia: No. But I think it hel-

Voice (offpanel): Think it’s a boy or a girl?

Reseda: I could take care of them, Master.

Camellia: Just keep walking.

Reseda: I mean it! It doesn’t have to mean using my beast form. A glow in the eyes, a snarl in a jaw that suddenly isn’t shaped quite right . . . The little details can go a long–

Man: Hey! I’m talking to you, sweetheart.

Reseda: HISSS