'Intimidate' motivational posterNow would’ve been a great time for these guys to clue in that Something Is Up With Reseda.

We know from the Cybele fight that “I’m a Being, fear me” would backfire as an intimidation tactic. But “you’re twice my weight and yet you can’t break out of my grip” ought to land, right?

Man #1: Kinky.

Camellia: You don’t have to do this. We don’t want any trouble. You can just walk away.

Man #2: Hey, I think this one’s a girl.

Reseda: Okay, that’s it. Here’s the plan. Your friend lets go of the lady, and you let her walk away. When I decide she’s had long enough, I let you go. If I feel like it.

Man #2: The f–?

Man #1: I have a better plan. You let my friend go, put your money on the ground, and take a good long walk away . . .

. . . and the “lady” doesn’t get hurt.