Viacom copyright claimThis was the golden age of people trying to upload Daily Show clips to Youtube, and Viacom furiously DCMA’ing them as fast as possible.

It would be years before they did the sensible thing and actually…published a complete, searchable, viral-link-sharing-enabled TDS video archive of their own.

Reseda: Hey! You can’t back out! Timothy, tell her she can’t back out!

Timothy: He’s going to end up fighting eventually, Bianca. It’s probably best that you learn how to handle it now.

And it’ll prove whether your contract with Patrick is really valid.

Sparrow: . . . wait, how does that work?

Bianca: I thought you said you were doing research on Beings?

Sparrow: For, like, a week! I didn’t get to . . . whatever this part is.

Bianca: Well, did you come across any video footage of Being battles? On YouTube or wherever?

Sparrow: Nope. Plenty of cool-sounding descriptions, but no video.

Bianca: And did you wonder why?

Sparrow: Copyright infringement?

Bianca: . . . Who could make a copyright claim on Beings?

Sparrow: I don’t know, but I’m sure Viacom has tried.