Kitty kisses, captioned 'Bad day? Here, I fix it.'It’s true…cults that kill you on the introductory ritual tend to have trouble building up the membership.

Reseda Licking Things is a good character beat. Should’ve put that in the comic more often.

Reseda: It will heal, Master. You might not. Of course, you could order me not to protect you anyway. You could force me to stand by and let you get hurt. But I will always worry about you, and feel your pain more than any of my own. You cannot spare me that. There is no order you can give that will stop me from caring about you above everything else in the world.

Camellia: Thank you, Reseda. We’ll go home as soon as my legs start working.

(lap lap)

Reseda: You want some? For old times’ sake.

Camellia: Don’t even joke about that.

I’m so glad your blood tested as non-toxic.

Reseda: Wouldn’t have made for much of a cult otherwise.