Magritte's 'This is not a pipe'Another sign gag: the poster behind Patrick says “Ceci n’est pas une affiche,” i.e. “This is not a poster.”

And hey, I managed to tie the chapter’s Cybele-and-Bennett side plot into the “cats and dogs” theme! However tenuously.

Reseda (thinking): Okay, this is starting to sting a bit. But the bite wound will re-open if I run around in that form . . .

It’s a good thing nobody suspects a sleeping cat.

Teacher/class/Patrick (reading): The fat cat sat on the mat.

Cybele: Hmm hm hmm . . . Almost as good as a hug from Master himself!

Ooh, I wonder if Master’s on TV? He could be! He’s got lots of talent!

TV: The state legislature today has been fighting like cats and dogs over an environmental regulation act. Spearheading the opposition is . . .

Cybele: Bo-ring. Like anyone will remember that law in a thousand years anyway.