Toph Beifong (ATLA)Not quite the first glimpse we’ve gotten of Ann’s Being, but pretty close.

The “blank greyed-out eyes = blindness” trope has gotten awfully played-out, I know. Honestly hadn’t heard anything against it back in 2011, but I’ve heard plenty of “try something else” by now. And any time I design a blind character for future projects, I will.

That said, I’m not going back and changing Walker. Not least because there are so many Significant Eye-Based Style Choices in BICP. She’s not a weird exception, she’s just one example of a trend.

Across the country . . .

Computer broadcast: We’ll be right back after these messages. . . . if only people had voted Republican . . .

Ann Walker: Computer, mute.

Unnamed tiger-Being: He seems to have moved away from his anti-Being soapbox, at least for now.

Ann: Indeed. Shame. It almost made sense. Both the Rabbit and the Raven appear to have gone rogue in his area.

Tiger: And, if your theory is correct, the Dog.

Ann: Which might be the most worrisome one of all.

Tiger: I would have thought you’d be happy about it, Master. You never did like him.

Ann: Doesn’t mean I don’t want him where I can keep an eye on him. Metaphorically speaking.