High mountain ledgeThe framing of the bottom left panel made some readers wonder if Patrick’s Former Master fell off that ledge. Nothing that dramatic; I was just bad at drawing the angle.

And, wow, first mention of the Wolf! I forgot that was all the way back in (the second-to-last page of) Volume 1.

Ann (voiceover): Besides, even if we didn’t care for each other, we had use for each other. Those two just may have had the finest technique we’ve measured. A talent truly worthy of being called Mastery.

No matter what reason they have for dropping out of contact . . . who’s going to keep us on our toes without them?

Tiger: I can handle myself, Master. Although if you get worried, we can always extend a challenge to the Wolf.

Ann: There’s an idea.

I wonder how much it would cost to fly them in from Germany once a month . . . ?

Tiger: Now, Master. Think of your budget.