Twilight Sparkle magic barrierPretty sure CLAMP’s X was the first place I encountered the “convenient magical pocket dimension where you can have dramatic battles and not destroy anything IRL” concept. It was definitely the inspiration for how I do it in BICP.

The general worldbuilding of this universe was already decided by the time Madoka Magica dropped in early 2011 (using the same idea, but compounded by an extra layer of surreal Dadaism). Maybe I should’ve included “what if they’re witch barriers” as one of the Being-related theories, alongside “what if they’re Cylons.”

Bianca: The problem is that Being battles can’t be filmed. Witness descriptions line up fine, and the aftermath is clear enough.

But the actual fighting part doesn’t show up on film. It can’t even be seen except by the two Beings involved, and their Masters. It’s like some kind of quantum physics thing. Or a shared hallucination.

Sparrow: Oh, hey, I remember seeing a paper about that! “Neurochemical Biology Of The Human Brain During The ‘Shared Hallucination’ Of Being Combat.” Only read the abstract, though. I didn’t think it was worth buying a JSTOR membership to read the whole thing.

Reseda: Hiss.

Patrick: Rrrr . . .