Cute cat falling over“Can we agree to use the super-cute little critter forms? It’ll downplay the amount of violence, and make this whole sequence easier for the artist to draw.”

In the original version of this page, I barely did any shading, which seriously undercut the Dramatic Lighting effect. Fixing that was definitely the right move.

Bianca: . . . Okay. I don’t like it, but let’s give this a shot. . . . How do we start?

Timothy: Can we agree to use pet forms?

Bianca: I guess . . . What does that–?

Timothy: Reseda. Go!




Timothy (offscreen): Pet forms are the small ones. It’s a way to limit the power they can use, and the damage they can take. It’s one of the safer ways to do battle. Assuming you trust the other party not to shapechange in the middle of the fight, that is.