Expulsion from the Garden of Eden - painting by Cole ThomasFirst sight of the battle dimension! Meggido to some, Eden to others.

The scenery here could’ve been anything, and since the story was going to come here a lot, I knew it would be best to make it something fun and self-indulgent to draw. X’s battle dimensions were “exactly the same scenery as the real-world space you were just in.” Madoka Magica was “surreal collage of seemingly-random imagery.”

I went with cool nature scenes. Endless possible variety! Easy-to-find amazing reference pictures! No need to draw a single building or machine the whole time!


(om nom nom)


Timothy: Did you see the scene change, Bianca?

Bianca: How could I miss it?? Patrick, slow down — you’ll hurt her!

Sparrow: Still not quite grasping the point of this, are you, Bee?