Bennett's lobbyCybele coming home from a recon mission, being adorable as ever. (And, in the first panel, casting a rabbit-shaped shadow.)

Bennett’s apartment building is way more expensive than any place I’ve ever lived. Do you think it’s still not Being-break-in-proof? Or does Cybele just have a key to the doors?


Cybele (singing): hmm hm hmm hmmm hm hm hmm

One thousand, two thousand, three thousand, four . . .


Cybele (thinking): Nobody home? Good. Then I can just slip right in and . . .

Human (offscreen): — —— – —– — – — — – —

Cybele (thinking): Uh-oh!

Human (o.s.): Pleasure doing business with you, sir.

Human (o.s.): I hope I’ll see you again soon.

Human: (o.s.): Did somebody come in? I thought I heard the door.

Human: Must’ve been the building settling.

Cybele: >.<;;