Bank robber cartoon

Cybele, the world’s least-threatening bank robber. (Given how Beings can pick up on their Masters’ subconscious wishes, this suggests Bennett didn’t really want her to get caught.)

Early Bennett-Cybele interactions were tough. He’s mean! But can’t be so mean that he won’t be sympathetic eventually. She’s a little bunny who got stepped on! So I have to find ways to emphasize that it’s basically slapstick, she’s playing along with the role he wants, it’s causing 0% actual harm.


Human: Cybele, if that was you, you can come out now.

Cybele: It was me! I did exactly like you said!

Human: How much?

Cybele: Two million in nonconsecutive hundreds!

Human: All caught on video?

Cybele: . . . Was I supposed to be?

Human: Yes! That’s the whole point! You can’t spread fear if you’re doing it in secret!

Cybele: I’m sorry, Master.

Human: And don’t look so sad. I know perfectly well you’re too tough to be hurt by a shoe.

Cybele: You’re right! I ‘ll be more cheerful from now on!

Human: Of course I’m right. I did my research. And I will figure out how to make you seem threatening, even if it’s the hardest thing I ever do.