Staircase into a wall, labeled 'Where are you going with this?'Oh, hey, there’s a bit of using-the-setting, with the collapsed Patrick fallen down the stairs.

Probably going to get better when we transition into the battle-space, though. Again, those were planned from the start to create “cool settings that I find easier to work with.”

Sidenote: about 6 months into these annotated reruns, and we just passed the one-year anniversary of the original run.

Although we’re getting close to the “decreased update schedule” point in the archives, I’m going to keep posting the reruns 5 days a week! At least for now. Probably going to take a holiday break around the end of 2021, and decide from there what to do next.


Bianca: Hey! What are you doing? Stop! He can’t hit ba–


Poe: Please don’t think this is personal. Like I said, you seem nice.

But your Being has made my Master sad. And I can’t let him think that’s okay.

Bianca: We didn’t accept the challenge!

Poe: Which is why we haven’t entered a magical battle.

I can still slug him. And he can still hit back — if you let him.