Woman with raven friendFinally, the reveal that Poe has Color Eyes of Plot Significance, and speaks with the Being font!

At this point, readers hadn’t quite grown into their full “theorize all the plot points” glory…I don’t think anyone clocked “oh, he’s the Raven” until this page dropped.

Bianca: Here you go! Due back on the 28th. By the way, my name’s Bianca . . . um, like it says on the name tag . . .

. . . so, well, do you want to go out for coffee some time? Or something?

Poe: Well, Bianca, that ‘s real flattering and all . . . but I don’t think my girlfriend would appreciate it, you know? But hey, since you mentioned it . . . if there’s anyone else you wanted to ask out . . .

There’s a show I got tickets for, only it turns out she’s not into it, so I need to unload them on someone. You interested?

Bianca: Am I!

Poe: Great! The tickets are in the car. I ‘ll go grab them and be right back. Call me Poe, by the way.

Bianca: Poe!

Poe: Yeah?


Bianca: . . . Watch out for the stairs.