pink heart-shaped cookiesAnother careful balancing act of “Bennett is pretty screwed-up all right, but not as scary as he wants to think he is, and Cybele knows it.”

She’s not flipping the cookies like pancakes there, just popping them off the baking sheet with extra whimsy.

Granted, it would’ve been even more on-brand if they were heart-shaped, pink-frosted, pink-sprinkle-topped cookies. But Cybele’s role is “baby’s first baking project” here, not “sophisticated adult chef in child’s body.”


Cybele (thinking): Hm?


Cybele’s Master: Cybele? What are you–?

Cybele: Welcome home! Look what I made for you!

Cybele’s Master: Look what a MESS you’ve made, is more like it! Did I ask you to bake? Was that anywhere in your instructions? How do you expect me to explain this to the cleaning staff? Are they supposed to just ignore the signs of a strange child in my penthouse? Are–

–are those snickerdoodles?

Cybele: Uh-huh!