Catgirl labeled 'Has science gone too far?'Shadows on the wooden coffee table! Nice subtle level-up. Also, nice subtle tail-wagging for Patrick at the top there.

His pattern of brown spots has changed since earlier in the chapter. “Not making them identical every time” was one of the changes thrown in when I remastered the pages, and I think this is the first time it shows up? Since Patrick’s appearances are mostly cropped to his face, it helps to have some visual interest there. Also, it’s a nice subtle way to reflect that he’s shifted in-and-out of dog form, even if we hadn’t seen the human form on-panel in between.

Sparrow is not being subtle. About anything. As long as Reseda gets her skritches, she’s cool with it.

Bianca: I’m home . . . How did everything go? Okay?

Sparrow: Hey, Bee! Yeah, everything worked out fine. Didn’t even make a mess. If you make Patrick transform, you can sign his cast.

Bianca: Um, Sparrow . . .

Patrick: They’ve been like that all evening, Master.

Sparrow: What? She likes to be skritched! She’s basically a cat, right? Just, y’know, in a body with breasts right now. Since I don’t get a real cat, shouldn’t I be allowed to pet this one? C’mon, it’s not like Patrick wouldn’t do the same with you in a heartbeat.

Patrick: I would cuddle with anyone my Master ordered me to. What’s your point?