South Station stairsThis particular page was drawn on-location, even. Look at that detailed smoothie stand. That fancy accurate clock shape. Those beautiful floors.

…it also started out with wobbly hand-drawn text on the signs. One more detail that got touched-up for the Master’s Edition. Nice clean uniform fonts FTW.

Sailor MBTA: Stop where you are! How dare you interrupt the people of Boston in the middle of their daily routines?

Tuxedo Charlie: For safety and smooth operation, we’re MBTA security!

In the name of passenger service . . .

Sailor MBTA: . . . we’ll take you into custody!

Cybele: Aww, you’re cute! But if you want to lock me up . . .

. . . you’ll have to catch me first!


Oof. Oof. Ungh.


Sailor MBTA: Call backup! Have them guard all the exits to the subway!