Fae artThe presence of these highly particular name-based rules pointed some readers toward a “Beings are Fae” theory.

Not a bad guess! And it tracks more closely with established real-world mythology than Timothy’s “Beings are creatures of Eden who missed out on the naming scene” theory.

But no, in-universe it’s just another manifestation of the “golems are Very Very Very Precisely Defined By Words” phenomenon.

Cybele: It . . . It was too fast, I ‘m sorry . . . I lost it down the tunnel . . . Would have kept after it, but my chest got all tight . . .

Tuxedo Charlie: Just relax and catch your breath. We’ve got procedures for this sort of thing.

Advisory: it’s headed down the Red Line inbound track . . .

Sailor MBTA: Hey . . .

I haven’t worked with you before. What’s your name?

Cybele: Oh, me? I go by CeCe. How about you?

Sailor MBTA: I didn’t ask what to call you. I asked your name.

Cybele: It’s fine. I go by–

Sailor MBTA: Beings don’t have real names. They can say “call me…” or “I go by…” but never “My name is…” It’s maybe the one thing they can’t lie about.

Cybele: …


It would be fun to stay and chat with you more . . . but I’m outbound!