Doctor Who screencapAnother montage, this time of “how most of our major characters (and/or their staff) are reacting to this unfolding news story.”

Except Sparrow and Bianca. This is not the kind of series where they conveniently have the news playing right when it covers a plot-relevant story that’s important to their lives. This is the kind of series where they are dedicated to not falling behind on Inspector Spacetime.

So, Patrick doesn’t get to go “that’s my ex-Master” when Cohen appears on-screen. And Poe got cut off before he could’ve finished his sentence with “they’ve called in your dad.” Lots of artful dodging-the-reveal, here.

Someone from the Bennett campaign: Aaht, ahh you theah? C’mon, pick up!

Poe: Master, to get rid of the Rabbit, they’ve called in . . .

Miranda: I don’t care.

Poe: But . . . Tracking these things used to make you so happy . . .

Miranda: Well, it doesn’t any more, okay? Leave me alone!

Official: Police. Area in front of the station is clear of pedestrians and gawkers. You’re free to land any time. Please make it quick.

Ann Walker: Did that radio say they’re calling in an expert?

Tiger: Yes, but it’s not you.

Ann Walker: Oh, good. In that case, be a dear and freshen my martini.

Sparrow: It isn’t . . . It can’t be . . . !

It’s the evil twin from two seasons ago! And he’s RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!