Angelic pentaclesOne of the characters in the Malachim font is just a rectangle with a vertical line through the middle. Looks really out-of-place among all the glyphs that are sprawling almost-letter-shaped lines with circles at the ends…but I promise it’s one of the real letters, not two “this character can’t be displayed” placeholder boxes (▯▯) squished together.

…Having the escalators turned on (and making Cohen jog up them) could’ve been funny, but that’s a tough joke to convey in a non-animated comic page.

First line:
האם אתה השפן (“are you the rabbit?”)
(Pentacle: Mercury 4)

Second line:
להישאר קרוב אלי (“stay close to me”)
(Pentacle: Jupiter 3)

[The escalators are turned off, don’t worry.]

Cohen: [mysterious text]?

Cybele: Who, me?

I mean . . . gosh, mister, I didn’t understand that at all.

Cohen: Nice try.

Cybele: Awright, you got me. But how long can you keep me for?

Cohen: Let’s find out. [more mysterious text]

Cybele: Yipes!