Movie newspaperUnlike with pre-home-video movies and TV, comics don’t have the option of “fill your fake newspaper/book/blog article with a block of lorem ipsum and expect that nobody’s going to notice.”

So I tried filling the article with lampshading of filling articles with lorum ipsum.

…and then ran out of jokes about that, and just went ahead with jokes about the actual newsworthy-in-universe events we just covered.

The depths of that night.

Reseda: Looks like Cybele’s reign of terror was cut short.

Patrick: Can you find any details?

Reseda: Working on it . . . Ooh, this connection’s fast!

Being Subdued in Boston Subway
Mr. Cohen speaks to reporters with the culprit Being visible in the background.

BOSTON — Blah blah blah important news-type material goes here. Filler text, don’cha know.

Not visible in the photo or on film is the glowing sigil suspended under the Being, but according to our reporters on the scene, it was totally there.

Police attempted to take the Being into custody, until Mr. Cohen pointed out, “Listen, do YOU have a holding cell that’s been put through rigorous stress tests by eighteen individual Beings? Well, do you? Didn’t think so.”

The Being itself said “No comment” and stuck out its tongue a lot.

Reseda: Uh . . . How good are you at reading English?

Patrick: Oh, I‘m pretty much an expert on that now. Listen: “Being.” That’s an easy one. Then “Sub–subdued . . .”

Reseda: Forget it. Just help me scan the page for anything that says “Video” or “Audio.”


RE: Visit?
Of course I would
love to come u…


Reseda: That’s an automated email alert, you nit.