Cat in a Transformers toy box

Hey look, the chapter-opening “flashback to Reseda doing Being experiments” scene wasn’t just flavor, it was setup that becomes relevant to the ending!

…at this point, almost 10 years after the writing, I genuinely don’t remember if I planned this on purpose from the start. Feels too well-coordinated to be just luck, but, well, sometimes you do get this lucky.

Also: giant kitty ftw.

Cybele (on video): Blehh!

Cohen (on video): I don’t think of it as “magic.” It’s more like hacking. I mimicked the language used in its contract, then inserted a few extra lines. The principle is simple, even if the execution sometimes isn’t.

The cell I have prepared is even simpler. It relies on physics, nothing else.

Reseda: Ooh, I remember testing that cell. Never could get out of it, even the first time.

Still there, Timothy? I can’t get big enough to explode it by pressure, or small enough to squeeze through the vent. I could try to expand a paw in the vent itself. But I think my bones would break before the metal did . . .

Timothy: Y-you don’t have to go that far!

Dr. Lopez: She calls you “Timothy”, not “Master”? Unusual! Unless “Timothy” was not the name you used on the contract?

Timothy: Um . . . no, it wasn’t.

Dr. Lopez: You don’t say! What name did you use?

Timothy: . . . Do you really need to know that?

Patrick: He contracted as Camellia, right?

Reseda: Of course.

Patrick: . . . Did the vent have bars at that point? Because if not, all you had to do to get out was dislocate your pelvis.

Reseda: Well, sure . . .