Law and Order parodyThat police rep feels like she has a really specific design, and yet it looks like I didn’t even give her a tag, let alone a name.

Bit of an oversight, huh? I knew the police wouldn’t be plot-relevant long-term, but this was a dead giveaway to readers that the police wouldn’t be plot-relevant long-term.

Reseda: . . . but my Master loved me enough not to ask me to.

Patrick: If your Master didn’t think he could ask something like that of you, then maybe you are the one who loved him not enough.

(This very moment, in the cell: )

Cybele: Do your worst! I love my Master and I will never give them up to you!

Police representative: Oh, we don’t have to “do” anything. The law is clear. We can leave you boxed up here indefinitely. Your controller will have to come straight to us if he ever wants to see you again.