Bucket under leakA surprisingly graphic remix of the “DIY putting a bucket under a leaky roof” trope.

…I only had to do that once (so far, knock wood). In my third MA apartment, so it was about 5 years after this page was drawn, but the equipment I had on-hand was still the same. Biggest pot in the cupboard sat there catching the drips, and, eventually, the mass of soggy ceiling plaster when one of the tiles fell through.

Reseda: Is the swelling something you can reabsorb as it heals, or will it need to be drained?

Patrick: You need to drain it anyway to be able to set the bone properly.

Reseda: Are you sure you don’t want your Master present for this?

Patrick: Of course I want her here. But she isn’t. There are pots in the kitchen cupboard.


Reseda: You have something to bite down on? Tongues kind of suck to regrow.

Patrick: Yes.

Reseda: Oh good.