Beauty and the Beast meme, captioned 'I'll get that bitch a library! Bitches LOVE libraries!'First appearance of Emma! She was another character whose tag was just a description (“Cute Freckled Girl”), not because I was avoiding spoilers, but because I hadn’t actually decided her name yet.

Much less that she and Bianca were going to be endgame.

…readers, were any of you shipping them anyway, just for the novelty of it? Or was it still overshadowed by the appeal of Bianca/Sparrow, Bianca/Patrick, Bianca/Miranda, and/or Bianca/Uncomplicated Happiness?

Bianca: Due back on the 18th.

Patron (offscreen): Do you have the rest of the series?

Bianca: I can check . . .

Patron (offscreen): Are you here all day?

Bianca: Another hour or so.

Patron (offscreen): Do you want to get coffee when you’re done?

Cute Freckled Girl: I don’t know why I said that. I don’t even like coffee. I do like soda. Tea. Milkshakes. We could get one of those. What do you think?

Bianca (imagined): I think, how lucky am I to be asked out by someone this pretty?

Cute Freckled Girl (imagined): Aw, thanks! You’re awfully cute yourself!

Bianca (imagined): You aren’t by any chance spying on me in order to try to capture and/or maim my dog, are you?

Cute Freckled Girl (imagined): Okay, you’re cute, but nuts.

Bianca: Um, well . . . I have to get home. My roommate’s sick . . .

Cute Freckled Girl: Oh. I see. Maybe some other time.