Marimite posterAwright, finally time to get some Jany in here.

The new cover art is an homage to a Maria-sama ga Miteru (“Marimite” for short) poster. In retrospect it is wild that I watched so much of this series, in which absolutely nothing happens. I don’t mean that like “it has yuri subtext but nothing explicitly gay happens,” I mean, there is genuinely not a plot. It’s all just the characters being pretty and soft and relentlessly formal.

Credit where credit is due: there are actually two (2) Canon Lesbians who manage to have a brief relationship that is Canonically A Romance rather than “drenched in shippy subtext but officially non-romantic.”

Still…there are so many gayer media options these days, it wouldn’t be my first rec.

The original cover art didn’t have a background, but at this point I’m putting enough effort into the figures that honestly it balances out. Another one where I liked the concept, specifically Jany’s knight outfit, enough to bring it back later.