powdered milk…on a lighter and less-dramatic note: speaking of cleaning out fridges, you know what’s amazing? Powdered milk.

It doesn’t go sour! You don’t need to do special planning or preparation before you can make a recipe with milk in it! You don’t have to pour half the carton down the drain because you couldn’t use it all within a week! Stick a bag in your cupboard, leave it there for 6 months if that’s how long it takes before you feel in the mood for boxed pasta, and once you do, mix up exactly as much as you need.

It’s great. Every bachelor[ette] kitchen should have some.

Sparrow: Good. Ooh, I remember making this . . . last year.

Patrick: Why the sudden rush to clean out the fridge?

Sparrow: Because my mom’s going to be here in an hour! I need her to see that I’m a functional adult who can keep her home clean!

Patrick: Technically, I’m the one who keeps this place clean . . .

Sparrow: That’s not the point!

Ugh. I think the fridge is as good as it’s getting. And the laundry should be almost done. I’m taking a break. Just for a minute! Two, tops . . .



Sparrow: Owwww . . .

Patrick: Was it supposed to do that?

Sparrow: NO! . . . maybe if I promise to call more, Mom will buy us some real chairs . . .