Handshake bound with rope“Okay, but the first time you say ‘Nevermore’, you’re out of here, pal.”

Writing this scene, I went back-and-forth about whether or not to go for the full “if Beings make a statement in this specific way, they’re guaranteed to be telling the truth.”

Ultimately decided against it. We already established that Beings won’t get stuck in infinite logic loops if you give them contradictory orders. Having done that, I didn’t want to turn around and immediately bog down the narrative with “gotta give this Being’s statement the exact phrasing it needs to be technically true, while leaving a loophole that the Being’s Master can still get through, without any of the genre-savvy characters in-universe immediately picking up on it.”

Sparrow: . . . Wait.

You promise you come in peace? Swear on . . .

Do Beings think anything is sacred?

Patrick: If he swears in the name of his Master, he probably means it.

Poe: I do. On my Master’s name, I’ll leave before causing Patrick any harm.

Sparrow: You know, we can still tell him to go away. Given how he did break your arm, and all.

Patrick: I know.

Poe. You’re worried about Mandy too, right?

Poe (offscreen): Yes.

Patrick: Let him in.

Poe: Thank you for your hospitality. I’ll try not to overstay my welcome . . .

. . .

Sparrow: . . .

Poe: Is it just me, or is she really–?

Patrick: Strangely appealing, with no obvious reason for it?

Poe: Yes!

Sparrow: That welcome’s wearing out fast, buddy.