Empty dogfighting ringIt’s been a few chapters since the last time I said “huh, really wish I’d drawn this page like X instead of Y.”

Well, now I’m gonna do one more: Should’ve given this part of the conversation an extra page or two.

(And this is not updated in the Master’s Edition, because from the start, I made myself a rule of “not going to make any change that involves drawing whole new pages, that way lies madness.”)

Give Poe’s reveal extra weight by showing some flashback panels under the narration. I’m not thinking “graphic animal harm, front and center!”, more like “show that the location is dark and ominous, that the people are cruel and intimidating, that Miranda is really out-of-place and making an impressive effort not to freak out.”

Would’ve been a nice bit of lore to see Poe’s last incarnation, too. In retrospect, he’s the only one of the Big Six (along with Patrick, Reseda, Kara Lynn, Cybele, and Blake) whose previous form we never even get to see in cameo.


Poe: So . . . I can stay as long as I’m folding?

Patrick: I would help, but it’s a little hard for me right now, considering how you broke my arm and all.

Sparrow: I’m sure you can talk and sort socks at the same time.

Patrick: Before you say anything else, I need to know . . .

When did Miranda get you? And how did she keep it secret?

Poe: My last Master used me as a show fighter. He didn’t like it, but he couldn’t afford to stop.

Until Mandy started sending him funds, on the condition that she would get me when he died. She pretended to be a representative of her father, to seem more legitimate, and chose a college in the area so she would be available when the time came. The week before finals, she got the call and made the contract.

Sparrow: How do you make money off of Being fights? Since nobody can see them . . .

Poe: Not fights with other Beings. The ban on hurting or killing humans doesn’t apply to animals. Dogfights, mostly.

Sparrow: . . . Oh. Well. Good for Miranda, I guess.