Nice dressMiranda’s outfit was definitely referenced from somewhere, but now I can’t find the image. Have something else from my (extensive) Prospective Miranda Fashion Library instead.

Okay, she’s getting out of the house, she’s socializing with friends, it seems like she’s doing better…except for the part where she’s leaning out awfully far over that railing.

(Which is gratuitously artsy, and I can’t find the original reference for that either. This is just not my night.)

Miranda: Better take this. Dad’s trying to check in. For once.

Friend #1: Isn’t he, like, on the West Coast this month or something? Again?

Friend #2: As long as he left you one of the credit cards.

Miranda: I’ll get rid of him. Be right back.


I’m out with some friends. Yes, I know you’re back in town!

Look, I got along fine without you for the first ten years of my life. I don’t need you to start smothering me now.

Miranda (thinking): Ugh, what do you think you can say? “Sorry for making Patrick cry”? It won’t bring him back!

And nothing at all will bring Mom back. I’m running out of people . . .