Boston overheadIf you were tracking the photo backgrounds closely enough, you might go “hey, that’s also the view from the Cohen Broadcasting Being-research lounge. Is Miranda in the same building? Is this a clue that these plot points are related??”

…but you might also go “you know what, Erin probably only got one under-her-copyright set of photos for these overhead Boston views, so she’s going to reuse them in every situation no matter what.”

And, well, you’d be right on both counts. (I never even managed to take my own nighttime photos, just edited the heck out of the daylight ones and hoped it looked close enough.)


Bianca: Anybody home? Sparrow . . . ?

Patrick: Master!

Someone came to visit. I hope you’re not mad. And if you are–

Bianca: Sparrow’s mom, right? Why would I be mad?

Poe: Hi.

Bianca: Augh!

Patrick: It was all Sparrow’s idea!


Poe: Bianca was sympathetic to a meeting. They’re preparing for some kind of big trip. But after that . . .

Miranda: In other words, she fell for it.

Poe: If you want to put it that way.