Lightning hitting ocean, labeled 'Fuck these six fish in particular'Sometimes you try to keep it realistic and not fall back on too-convenient tropes.

Other times you decide, screw it, gonna give this page some Thunder of Perfect Dramatic Timing.



Jany: . . . Dad? Kara Lynn?

Kara Lynn: Master! I’m sorry . . . the blanking-out happened again . . .

Jany: It did? Where were you? What’re you doin’ out so late?

Jany’s father: It’s nothing for you to worry about, Jany. Go back to bed.

Kara Lynn: Work! The same work your gran had me do, just like you wanted! But I don’t think that place will accept me back. Not after how much I scared the client . . .

Jany: You’ve been working all this time? What kind of job is it?


Kara Lynn: Exotic dancing. And sex. Same as ever.

. . . Master?

Jany: . . . What?


Kara Lynn: Did I do something wrong?