Business dragonBig, big reaction here.

At least some of it is over-reaction. Was that clear, on first reading? Jany’s knee-jerk “no jobs! of any kind! ever!” is definitely overkill — we’ll see plenty of examples of Beings working over the course of the comic, they’re not all on the level of “dogfighting victim” or “racism fetish fulfillment.”

But on the whole, her parents are being uncomfortably callous and controlling. And if she did anything less than getting out of there, it wasn’t going to get better.

Jany: Hey . . . C’mon and help me pack.

Kara Lynn: Pack . . . ?

Jany: I called Naresh.

Kara Lynn: Your brother?

Jany: Mmhmm. He said we can stay with him for a couple days while I figure out what to do next. If we don’t go to the con, we can probably get partial refunds and have some money to lean on . . .

Kara Lynn: Master, don’t–! It’s my fault. I should have told you sooner. You were so happy about that trip. Don’t give up your happiness because of me! If you need money afterward, let me work. There are plenty of other jobs I can do. Anything that doesn’t involve reading. Please . . .

Jany: Right . . . No reading, no writing, no sex, and no requirement not to lose a few seconds’ consciousness at any particular moment. That can’t narrow down the field too much, can it? We’ll figure something out.