Mouse in a maze using a bomb to get to the cheeseAnother page where I’m just gonna quote some of the original commentary: “A tangled mess of love and disrespect for the Beings in the same speech, not to mention the dehumanizing of who she sees as an opponent, which is often the prelude to violence. Yeah, I’d say Miranda would benefit from some therapy.”

(She would have such a meltdown if you told her she was taking after her dad, here. But she’s taking after her dad, here.)

Poe: Careful, Master. Don’t fall when my wings aren’t there to catch you.

Miranda: That’s right . . . I still have you, don’t I, Poe?

Poe: Of course.

Miranda: But then . . . you were devoted to me from the instant I contracted. I can’t be that wonderful.

Your feelings aren’t real, are they? They’re part of your — like everyone’s calling it on the news — programming.

Poe: Master, I — mmph!

Miranda: It’s fine! I’ll deal with it. Fake love is better than no love, right?

Besides, Patrick was never contracted to me. He was only forced to love my father — in spite of everything. And now he’s forced to put that woman first. When, without the contract, he might not even like her!

All I have to do is figure out how to hack his “program.” To erase the part that makes him so attached. Then he can finally be free.