UK row houseWith most of the world, Jany fulfills the “Teens Are Short” trope. Within her own family…she’s taller than her mom. It’s just bad genetic luck that her mom is super short.

I had them living in the city of Woking, for basically the same reason why Bianca and Sparrow live in Quincy, MA: it’s the part of the UK where I’ve spent the most time. My family lived there for a year, while Dad was on sabbatical and used the time to hang out more closely with a British research partner. I was away at college most of that time, but had a few weeks to visit.

…all that was years before I started BICP, though. Which meant I never got the real advantage I did with the Boston area, of “being able to casually walk around and take my own custom reference photos.”

Jany: It just happened out of nowhere!

One minute she was talking like normal, the next she was so blank–

Jany’s mum: She looks fine to me.

Jany: She got better! . . . I think!

Kara Lynn: I do feel like normal now, Master.

Jany: But what if it happens again? We need to take her to a doctor. Some kind of Being-doctor . . .

Jany’s mum: What we need is for you to keep a tighter rein on her! I cannot think why Haseena was so set on giving her to you. You have no discipline. You’d have her sit around and watch anime all day if you could.

Jany: That’s not fair! She still helps around the house, just like before — Does all the same chores —

Kara Lynn! Have you given up anything Gran had you do?

Kara Lynn: No, Master.

Jany: See?!

Jany’s mum: If she still works just the same, why are you making such a fuss over a moment? Settle down and go set the table. Your father will be home any —


Jany: Dad!!

Jany’s dad: Whatever it is, go ask your mother.