Forest riverNow that’s a river.

And a lovely shot of Meggido with particularly nice detailing, if I do say so myself.

At one point I had Walker make a reference to how the light changed. As some kind of convoluted setup for “maybe she’s only pretending to be blind, for some reason? And readers are kept suspicious for a while? And then someone in-universe confronts her about it, leading to a kind of PSA about how “blind” usually doesn’t mean “100% unable to perceive any light,” how it’s totally unremarkable for her to be able to perceive Relative Differences In Overall Brightness without having any other visual function, and we all learn a valuable lesson.”

Which…could work out okay, if you play it right. But eventually I realized it wasn’t going to come up again, and having the halfhearted setup with no payoff was the worst of both worlds. So I swapped out the whole thing for “it smells like nature now, isn’t that nice.”

Park: Let’s get this over with. I challenge you.

Walker: I accept! Why do you make it sound like a chore?

Ah, there we go.

I always feel so refreshed after the transition to Meggido, don’t you? It’s quieter. And especially when you’re coming from a city, you can taste the difference in the air.