Versace fashionAnother stab at dressing Cub, this time in a Versace 2012 look.

It’s stylish, modern, and in-character for Park to approve of!

And…flipping back through the archives, this is the last battle scene Cub ever gets. In fact, it looks like it’s the last overall “scene that isn’t a flashback or a dream sequence” he ever gets.

Guess I designed the outfit just in time, huh.

Ann’s Being: We’re in a forest environment. Trees, rocks, plants everywhere. A stream nearby.

Cub’s gone into adult form. Dressed fancy, too.

Park: Cub, go show Walker your outfit.


Walker: Hm, quality fabric . . . I like the contrasting textures. And, ooh, are those leather gloves? Daring!

A bit too flashy for me, though. I prefer a more traditional look with a few modern touches.

Ann’s Being: Consider it done, boss.

Let me show you to your seat.

Walker: Thank you, dear.


Walker: Leather gloves, hm?

Park: It was his idea.