Hay Adams entranceLooks like I never spelled this out in-universe, but that’s the Hay Adams Hotel. Unless there’s some kind of trademark issue with using the name. In which case, it’s the Shmay Shmadams Hotel.

Chosen because (a) it’s the kind of obnoxiously-fancy and expensive place these characters would go to, and (b) even in 2012, the internet had lots and lots of gorgeous reference photos.

Walker: How long do you want to stay here? Any big projects you need to get ahead on?

Park: Let’s not wear out our welcome. This place is . . . unsettling.

Walker: Oh?

Park: Maybe it’s different for you. But to me . . . the light is all wrong.

And you never see the sun.

It’s as if “Meggido” is a place that doesn’t have one.

And on that charming note, back to Washington . . .

Driver: . . . Do I get a tip?

Bennett: “To remove tough fabric stains, use a paste made of baking soda and water.”

Bennett (thinking): Takes days to get down to D.C. . . . insists on meeting at a restaurant instead of the office . . . And now it turns out the restaurant is at his hotel? I can’t tell if Cohen’s jerking me around, or coming on to me.