This imagery of cave paintings was supposed to be a low-key misdirect. When it comes to dates, the number everyone cares about is “how old are the oldest ones?” — and estimates range as far as 50,000 years. Some of them must’ve been by our cousins, too, because they’ve been found in times and places where Homo sapiens hadn’t shown up yet.

…but we’ve also found some that are much more recent. Like “less than 5,000, even as early as 3,000, years old.”

So the fact that we have Beings in cave paintings should give the vague impression that they’re tens-of-thousands of years old. But no, the earliest ones have only been around for closer to 6,000.

(Still way older than Bennett’s religion! Not, of course, older than Cohen’s.)

Cohen: Sorry to keep you waiting. I wanted the most up-to-date information on the Rabbit before we sat down to discuss her.

Bennett: Mr. Cohen, on behalf of all the citizens of Massachusetts, I would like to thank you for volunteering your time and resources to subdue this dangerous–

Cohen: Spare me the rhetoric. Most of what it’s done so far is singing.

Cybele (Bennett’s imagination): Swing low, sweet char-i-ot . . .

Bennett: Singing?

Cohen: Singing.

Cybele (Cohen’s imagination): 839 bottles of beer on the wall, 839 bottles of beer!

Bennett: Well! I’m sure that must be . . . annoying, at least. You’re probably eager to get it in custody of somebody else. And would look to support a bill that–

Cohen: No, not really.

Bennett: . . . Then are you getting something out of it? Information, or . . .

Cohen: Mr. Bennett, I realize that voters have short attention spans, but she does not.

None of us know how long she’s really existed. Longer than your religion — and that’s the low estimate. You can’t set yourself against her wishes and expect to win in three days. It would set a world record if you did it in a decade.